SCE 2016 Update #3

‪‎SCE2016‬ ~ Weekly Update #3

Weekly Update #3

Greetings Everyone! Some more great things are being planned for SotA Con East in Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland, November 4-6, 2016!

We have our first official vendor coming to SotA Con — Relics by Rild! Yeah! Relics by Rild is an entirely Shroud-centric merchandise vendor that sells fantastic and memorable trinkets to players and fans. They also have an apparel section with really cool SotA hats, T-shirts and more! We are so excited they are coming to bring us merchandise, including some exclusive items SPECIFIC for SotA Con! Oh, here’s a great idea: buy some of your items before SotA Con and bring them with you – wear that SotA Hat and use your Challenge Coin!

To help people get to the SotA Con by car and save money, some attendees are arranging “rally locations” in cities and roadways where people can share rides. Winfield is doing this from Bristol, Virginia (7 hours from Baltimore) and Violation Clauth is doing this from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (4 hours from Baltimore). We hope more attendees will create rally locations, routes, and share rides. Let us know if you are interested in rallying together! Getting to and from the SotA Con this way can be a great adventure unto itself!

If you are definitely planning to come to SotA Con East, please make your hotel reservations and donations – this will greatly help us add special guests, firm up the convention rooms, and get more great stuff for everyone to enjoy. In a few weeks, we will also have an official online registration form for all attendees to fill out.

We can always be reached at for any questions, comments, or suggestions.

A Special Thank You this week goes to:

  1. UnseenDragon, who saved SotA Con over $300 by planning to bring some electronics equipment for us to use at SotA Con.

Some helpful requests:

  1. If you have a minivan or 6+ seat vehicle that you are driving to SotA Con, would you be willing to help shuttle people locally in the Baltimore area? If so, please let us know!
  2. If you have a 100”+ portable presentation screen for a projector and would be willing to bring it for the weekend (arrival on Thursday and use through Sunday) please let us know! Our projector doesn’t do so well on a bedsheet screen :/

Oh, stay tuned next week for an exciting update reveal that will get you more pumped up about SotA Con East. See you all at SotA Con East!

(Hat Tip: Winfield for the rewrite of this post!)

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