SCE 2016 Update #4

We are thankful to be mentioned on the Telethon for persistence and would like to remind everyone to register early if possible! We are planning to have rally points coordinated on our travel page so please stay tuned! I expect most of the future updates to be handled by Winfield or Sean Silverfoot as this convention continues to mature.

Additionally, we are excited to mention the addition of SotA Con Central which will take place at GenCon in 2017!  Brickbat has contacted SotA Con and said he planned to have a SotA Con convention there.  Stile Teckle has held one for the last two years and I am holding one this year; however, to date, that has usually been gathering around meal times and hanging out. SotA Con strives to include a driven focus and compelling purpose to attend beyond just being a gathering of players.

Out of the conventions we hope to encourage 100s of player gatherings throughout the country to occur. We are still hoping to find someone who is willing to champion a SotA Con West and possibly plan it to be in 2018.  If that sounds like a project you might be interested in please feel free to email us at!

Also, thank you to Sheamus McGuinness, by way of Brickbat, who has offered to provide us with a professional redesign of our logo!

Reminder to reserve your hotel room as early as possible! Details for this and the future rally points can be found here:

See you at SotA Con East 2016!

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