SCE 2016 Update #5

Hey guys, quick update since it’s been a while!  EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!  Richard Garriott to attend SotA Con East 2016!!! This makes 3 confirmed developers! Read more here:

First: Staffing

  • Lead Coordinator: Joe / Duke Violation Clauth
  • Coordinator: Jerry / Governor Winfield of PaxLair
  • Coordinator: Tom / Knight Commander Eternal Knightmen

Priorities for coordinators:

  • Joe: New Updates, PR, Social Updates, Funding, liaison to Portalarium, staffing, webmaster
  • Jerry: Updates and added content to the website
  • Tom: Updates and liaison to the Baltimore Inn hotel

So, needless to say I’m ready to get more help!  If you think you could help SotA Con in a temporary or permanent role with one of the following please contact me!

  1. Social Updates: Includes Facebook/Twitter/SotA Forums – Goal is to keep people connected to the Con, update people in the medium they like the most, and answer questions when queried. Best if available to attend the Monday 9pm Eastern meetings for SotA Con Coordinators!
  2. Webmaster: Includes WordPress/PHP/CSS/HTML – Goal is to take word documents that are formatted by the coordinators and put them on the website.  You don’t create content but you ensure it’s plugged in, formatted, and functional.
  3. Volunteer: Includes line queue, registration, game table master, standby – Goal is to ensure everyone at the Con is able to have an enjoyable weekend and having people who are knowledgeable with what is going on, where things are, when they are, and how people can get connected.

Additionally, I could use some of the following things to help keep the cost of the convention down:

  1. Projector (we have one for the main conference room, thanks to Unseen Dragon, and I’m hoping for 1 or 2 additional ones for the exhibit room)
  2. Laptops (for the three rooms to run slideshows as needed. be okay with leaving your laptop unattended before offering! thanks!)
  3. Awnings/Table Decorations (for the exhibit room to help theme the room, additionally I’ll try to connect decorators with the exhibitors to help them directly, think of the merchants you see in Owl’s Head, Brittany, and Ardoris… we want to emulate that if possible!)
  4. Table Masters (think game master but willing to bring your own game that can be taught and played in less than 1 hour)
  5. Water Bottles and Coolers – I personally think it’s hugely important to keep everyone hydrated and healthy over this weekend.  If you have an ice chest you can bring with a case of water bottles it would be GREAT!  I’m looking to have about 5 different people bring 1 ice chest full each (ice + water bottles should cost around $10)
  6. more to come in the future!

This event will be 100% sourced by us, the community, and can still grow into more than it is.  Please be very upfront with any of your ideas so we’re able to coordinate thank you everyone and we’re excited to see you at SotA Con East 2016!!!

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