SCE 2016 Update #6

It’s been a crazy week! And, it’s just getting started. Here’s a list on a few of the things we are working on… due to your support!

  1. We have the Hotel Rooms booked for the Developers!
  2. We have Chesapeake Room 2 paid for!
  3. We have the first 100 honored guest trinkets paid for!

Here’s what we are working on… and still need your support!


  1. We are planning on a Tournament Dinner at the Medieval Times and it looks like they require 1 large payment for a group discount. We are looking to have everyone get the Celebration Package and are trying to get it for at least 40% off.  Currently they charge almost $80 for this package. I contacted someone from the local Holiday Inn in Baltimore, MD that works with their local Chamber of Commerce because we are having a difficult time hearing back. The idea is that we’ll all share a meal with Lord British, who was the one who said we need to at least get the Celebration package! Stay tuned because we will likely be putting up an additional ticket that people can buy for the discounted rate so we can get a group rate for this meal and save everyone some money. Eternal Knight is now handling this; he can be reached on the Contact Us page.
  2. We are still needing more to finish paying off the Chesapeake Room 1 at the Hotel.
  3. We are still needing more funding to pay for the VIP trinkets (technically, they paid for them already; however, I’m allocating those trinkets after the hotel room and developers are paid for based on feedback from VIP and Coordinators)
  4. We’re working with Grand Duke, Sir Stile Teckel, from The Caverns in order to put together a Garb 101 page that helps people identify some options for dressing the part at SotA Con! (The first, and last, time I dressed up was for HoBLoTH2 and it was worth it!).  SotA Con is NOT going to require garb; however, we’re trying to set the con up to be SotA themed which includes attire, so dressing the part is encouraged!
  5. We are still looking for some people to help with the requests made in our forum thread, if you haven’t read it yet then please do: SotA Con – Baltimore Detailed Info 4-6 Nov and Beyond
  6. We are trying to organize drivers who can bring people who may be unable to arrange their own transportation or are financially strapped.  If you plan on driving please check out our Hotel and Travel page, see if you can join a way point or create a new one. Either way, please let us know! Winfield is handling this; he can be reached on the Contact Us page.
  7. We are still going to send the developers more money to cover their air travel and expenses.

Here’s an update on our funding status:

Current Donations: $4,069
Spent to Date: $2,272
Current SotA Con Banked Balance: $1,797
Expected Future Expenses: $4,000
Delta to minimum funding: -$2,203


October 14th is the last day to reserve a room at the hotel!  The hotel has already filled halfway and there is a big performance across the street on Saturday and the NFL Rivalry game on Sunday… we strongly recommend using our Group Rate of $129/night available here:

We’ve done extensive checking on hotels and parking and found these rates to be within $5/night of the cheapest around and the parking at the hotel is $5/night less than the other location!  Additionally, we need to sell another 65 nights of reservation to get the discounts on the rooms (usually around $5000/day, we got both rooms for less than a normal day’s fee!).

October 15th is the last day to buy a ticket and receive a trinket!  If you register for the convention AFTER October 15th we will not be able to make your trinket in time!

November 3rd is the setup for the Convention!
November 4th and 5th is the Developer/Community panels!
November 6th is the Socializing and Community day!

See you at the Con!

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