Clasped Gauntlets Cloak (expired)

Special Cross Promotion: Anyone who backs both Shroud of the Avatar (at a level with Game Access) and SotA Con East 2016 ($25+) will get a special custom Clasped Gauntlets Cloak in Blue and Yellow that says “SotA Con East 2016”. (read more…)


Expired (Processed by Tates PC Repair LLC, details below)

We are eternally grateful, and humbled, to be able to announce the SotA Con East 2016 Clasped Gauntlets Cloak.  Portalarium has announced that approved community events will be accompanied by an in-game item that can be tweaked for each event.  The first in-game appearance of this cloak will be the SotA Con East 2016 Clasped Gauntlets Cloak.  The second is planned to be the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary event.

A bit about the cloak: The colors are for the primary shield colors for Shroud of the Avatar.  The Yellow and Blue come from the principles that are reflected on the Lord British’s Shroud of the Avatar crest and the community Clasped Gauntlets with the circlet of an interlocking weaved pattern is the emblem that is blazoned on the back of the cloak.

How to acquire the cloak: Come to SotA Con! This is designed to be awarded to people who attend SotA Con East 2016.  Anyone with a Shroud of the Avatar account and a SotA Con ticket receives the cloak!  However, if you are unable to attend and want to financially support SotA Con, Portlarium has agreed we are able to extend this offer to anyone who supports at a $25, or higher, donation.  If you are not already registered to attend please visit our registration page and get your ticket now!  The convention is only weeks away and hotel reservations close in just over 3 days!

Additionally, if you have the means to support SotA Con please feel free to donate for a cloak (expired)! Violation processes this payment through his personal PayPal and a list of email accounts will be sent to the developers by Violation after SotA Con. Please be sure to enter your account email and avatar name when donating for a cloak.  Additional donations can be made on the bottom half of the registration page; however, we request that all donations for cloaks come accompanied with a note containing the SotA account email address and avatar name to ensure we do not have any cloaks go unrewarded.

Requirements to qualify for a cloak:

  1. You MUST have a Shroud account with game access
  2. You MUST have either
    • a SotA Con East 2016 ticket for attendance
    • have donated $25 (or more) with an email that is also a shroud account OR notated an email that is also a shroud account in the donation

After a conversation with Portalarium we have answered the question about multiple cloaks to be one per account and each requiring their own unique donation. (IE: if you donate $60 for a ticket you do not get 2 cloaks… neither if you donate $50 for support you do not get 2 cloaks; however, if you make two separate $25 donations and mention two separate accounts you would be able to get 1 cloak for each account)

We will do our best to ensure this is a simple process and are excited to be part of this cross promotion. We also would like to thank the developers for the time they put into designing this beautiful cloak to honor the many community events that will come in the future years!

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  • May Day says:

    Thank you so much to Portalarium for supporting this event with an in game reward, and to the event coordinators for all of their efforts. I’m so happy to be a part of such a vibrant community. I’ve ordered my ticket to attend (and an extra cloak on my second account, shhhhhhhhh……)