SCE 2016 Exclusive Trinket Announced

UPDATES! This Friday’s update from Portalarium included a link to our website. With that we launched several more pages and added more information. Check out the updated and let us know what you think!

The exclusive 1st year trinket for SotA con is announced as an all-black Chaos Star! This is fashioned after the Chaos Star from DarkStarr but has been altered a bit for this event. The attached video will explain more!

The convention hotel will be providing us a link to start our group discount booking this next week. Please stay tuned! For a discounted price on rooms we require at least 120 nights (50 rooms on 2 nights, 20 rooms on another) be filled. If we increase the number above that we could see larger discounts as a group and for the Con’s meeting rooms!

WE WANT YOU! If you have a cool idea for something you want to see done let us know! I have a tentative schedule already drawn up but I’m absolutely wanting/willing to augment this schedule or redo it for something done by an attendee. Additionally, if you’re part of the SotA community and have a LARP clothing/wares business please contact us! Our intention was to see TheCaverns attend as this con’s primary LARP vendor but they are unlikely to attend. if you are interested!

A gigantic THANK YOU for everyone who is donating to the convention to help make this possible. It’s greatly appreciated! We look forward to making this the best possible convention for everyone and continue to focus on the goal of bringing the players and developers together so we can foster relationships and the sharing of ideas.

I will try to start doing weekly updates on Tuesdays going forward. See you at the Con!

Chaos Star(r) trinket revealed!

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