Hotel & Travel

Getting to and Staying at SotA Con East 2016

Hotel Reservations

If you do not use this code you can end up costing SotA Con a higher expense as we are required to fill a specific number of rooms within the window described below.

Book online:

Book over the phone:

  • Call in Reservations: 1-800-HOLIDAY

Information needed to book over the phone:

  • Group Name: SotA Con 2016
  • Group Dates: November 3- November 7,2016
    • Booking allows any of the above dates and does not require all for discounted rate.
  • Your group code is: SOT
    • If you do not use the above code (that is, don’t use our block of rooms) both you AND SotA Con will incur a higher expense for not filling a specific number of rooms for  those nights.  Please use the code!

Reservation cut-off date:

The last day to reserve is October 21, 2016. The hotel reserves the right to release rooms held after the cutoff date. Should SotA Con’s block fill prior to the cut-off date, the hotel may, at its discretion, continue to offer rooms at the group rate, offer rooms at the hotel’s best available rate, or close out availability entirely.

Guests are responsible for all hotel charges.

 Travel Waypoints

We have travel waypoints for people to meet up and carpool and/or caravan to SotA Con!


Hosted by Winfield


Arrive in Bristol, VA on Nov 2 (or earlier):

  1. You drive or take the bus to Bristol TN/VA where I am residing in late Oct/Nov.

  2. Spend the night(s) in Bristol TN/VA at some hotel.

  3. Come a day or more earlier and tour the area, e.g., Bristol Motor Speedway.



  • Depart Bristol, VA – Thursday, Nov 3 at 0900 ET

    • As a group, depart by vehicle(s) to Baltimore (7 to 8 hour drive with stops and traffic).

    • We can stop at points between Bristol and Baltimore to pick up or group up with more travelers.

    • Winfield may rent a mini-van (6 seats without luggage) – riders can share the cost. People can leave their cars safely in Bristol VA if desired. This can help some folks to avoid the long drive and avoid additional parking expenses at the Baltimore hotel.

    • We can try to have more vehicles (people driving to SotACon 2016) in our convoy to help with luggage (someone with a truck and tarp perhaps).

    • We can have more vehicles traveling so we can convoy and have a great time along the way and back, and have safety in numbers.

  • Arrive Baltimore, MD – Thursday, Nov 3 at about 1700 (5 PM) ET


  • Depart Baltimore, MD – Sunday, Nov 6 at 1300 (1 PM) ET

    • As a group – depart by vehicle(s) to Bristol, VA

  • Arrive Bristol, VA – Sunday, Nov 6 at about about 2100 (9 PM) ET






Hosted by Violation



  • Depart Ohio – Thursday, Nov 3 at about 0600 ET.

  • Arrive Baltimore, MD – Thursday, Nov 3 at about 1500 (3 PM) ET


  • Depart Baltimore, MD –

  • Arrive Ohio –