Eternal Knight


A veteran of Ultima Online, Eternal ‘EK’ Knightmen pounced on the opportunity to Kickstart Shroud of the Avatar. Starting with the early idea sharing in forums and IRC, to the chicken room, to persistence, community has always been important to him. Along with his fellow Order of Vengeance (OoV) members, EK has helped run many events and has announced multiple PvP tournaments held around Novia.

As the OoV Emissary, EK attends meetings with many of the guilds around Novia to share ideas and keep channels of communication open to help share information.

EK is also a Coordinator of SotA Con assisting in content, event planning, and hotel/travel planning.

My Sessions

SotA Con East – Post Mortem and 2017

Chesapeake Room 1

It’s a success!  We made it and now we want to talk with you about how tomorrow will look, how next year will look, and get your feedback.  Share with us! Related

Social Gathering

Medieval King’s Dinner

Chesapeake Room 1

The King’s Dinner is planned and will be a full Tournament Dinner!  This is taking place at the Medieval Times in Baltimore!  More details are here: https://east.sotacon.org/1756/tournament-dinner-with-the-royal-court Buy tickets on the registration page here: https://east.sotacon.org/register Related

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