Joe “Violation” Tate


Joe “Duke Violation” Tate

As a founder of many social sites and gatherings Duke Violation has found it important to place an emphasis on community. His vision was to create a convention that focuses solely around Shroud of the Avatar to allow the great community experience everything that he had spent three separate journeys and thousands of dollars on for a fraction of the cost.  From a Meet and Greet with the developers as a Duke+, round table session as a Baron+, socializing at HoBLotH and other events, to simply visiting with people in community google hangouts, talks in TS3, and in video sessions with post-mortems and the devs.

The only way he felt it possible to provide this was to put on a 100% Shroud centric convention that was 100% funded by the community and invite developers to attend. It worked. Join him on Saturday evening as he discusses the future of SotA Con and the vision of connecting the entire community in a friendly, shroud themed environment, that fosters relationships and gaming memories for life.


My Sessions

SotA Con East – Post Mortem and 2017

Chesapeake Room 1

It’s a success!  We made it and now we want to talk with you about how tomorrow will look, how next year will look, and get your feedback.  Share with us! Related

Social Gathering

Medieval King’s Dinner

Chesapeake Room 1

The King’s Dinner is planned and will be a full Tournament Dinner!  This is taking place at the Medieval Times in Baltimore!  More details are here: https://east.sotacon.org/1756/tournament-dinner-with-the-royal-court Buy tickets on the registration page here: https://east.sotacon.org/register Related

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